I conduct seminars and workshops on a wide range of subjects related to cross-cultural family and school life. I work with parents, educators, support workers, and young people themselves.

I present in English, but I can also provide bilingual slides (English/Mandarin Chinese) and take live Q&A in Mandarin Chinese. I am very comfortable working with live translation, both concurrent and consecutive; my preference is for consecutive translation, with the translator alongside me on stage.

I work with young people in various cross-cultural situations, including those living outside their passport countries (or between two or more passport countries), those attending international schools in the their own passport countries, and those who have returned to their passport countries after a period of time living abroad.

I have a wide range of prepared seminars you can choose from, and I can also prepare custom material specific to your organisation.

Popular Seminars

Supporting TCKs into adulthood

This seminar discusses common difficulties TCKs face as they enter adulthood, and ways to support them through the process of building their own lives.

When School Culture comes Home: the influence of cross-cultural education on family life

Every student is shaped by the cultural values of the school they attend. Sending your child to a school with a different cultural outlook to your own means these different cultural values will become part of your child’s life – and therefore, part of your family’s future. This seminar discusses the impact this has on education and the parent-child relationship.

Promoting a Values Mindset

Discusses the need for CCKs to bring together their various cultural influences in order to create an integrated self of sense – something that is essential for their long-term emotional health. The concept of a “values mindset” is introduced as a helpful tool to help solve the integration problem, with practical suggestions on how to implement this.

The Emotional Impact of Language

Discusses the social-emotional impact of the languages we do – and don’t – speak. Challenges participants to reflect on their emotions regarding languages their family is connected to, and how their children may feel about those languages. Includes practical suggestions for creating positive emotional connections to languages, especially for children growing up.

Repatriation for graduates

A seminar about repatriation designed for TCKs who will be finishing high school in the next year and expect to then move to their passport countries. Includes tools and tips to help understand the journey they are embarking on, and the emotional rollercoaster that goes with it. Also includes a discussion of ‘the other side’ – what to do, and how to cope, once you arrive.

Six Tips for Transition

Understanding the process of change, how it affects us long term, and how to handle it well. Special focus is given to the second half of a transition – what to do after going through a big change.

The Cross-Cultural Classroom

Discussions around the impact of different cultural dimensions in the classroom. Begins with a short introduction to TCKs and Educational CCKs, then continues on to look at Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions. Concludes with a practical application of this theory to the international school classroom, including individual/small group reflections and discussion.

Storytelling workshop for CCKs

This workshop introduces CCKs to the power of storytelling, whether expressed through words, visual media, or other creative platforms. Creative exercises help students integrate different pieces of their lives, and share this with others.

Grief and Resilience in CCKs

Looks at the impact of change and transition during childhood, whether moving frequently or living in transition communities where others move on frequently. Offer practical suggestions for how to help CCKs of any age learn to process grief and develop resilience.

Common TCK Pressures and Tools for Success

Looks at some of the common pressures TCKs feels, especially during the teenage years, and tools to help them combat these potential pitfalls. Discussions include attitudes toward failure and the perceived need to perform for others.

Repatriation as a family

A seminar about repatriation designed for parents who will be repatriating with their children in the next year. Includes practical suggestions for helping children say goodbye to their current lives and prepare to begin again in a new location.


“Our agency was happy to receive Tanya Crossman to speak to our multi-cultural expatriate community about third culture children (TCKs) in April 2017. First, her correspondence before coming to our country was very professional and prompt in response time. We asked her to lead a workshop to help our adult community understand some of the stages and experiences that third culture children experience. Not only was Tanya able to address these issues due to her research but even more so thanks to her own first hand exposure to many TCKs while working in China. Tanya’s presentation was reassuring to the parents who sometimes can’t understand their children because they can’t always relate to their children since they grew up in a different context. Finally, Tanya gave practical suggestions to help TCKs adapt and make healthy transitions. We knew that it affected our workers when parents were coming up to Tanya and asking questions or sharing their own experiences.”

Jerry and Carolyn Moyer
World Team France Directors

We were fortunate to have Tanya visit us at The International School of Tanganyika in 2018. She presented to Grades 4-12, teachers, teacher assistants, and parents. We had sessions about transitions to new homes as well as to new life journeys, parent mornings, an evening for seniors to look at the future, fun classroom sessions, and enlightening conversations with staff and students. Tanya is well versed in the lives of expats and 3rd culture kids, and she brings a strong knowledge and personalized style to each presentation. The conversations that accompanied her presentations were strong and provided many with the opportunity to express fears and excitement about their next steps in life. Tanya was lovely to host, interesting to talk to, and recommended for schools with diverse and ever changing and moving populations.

Kirk Leichner
EST Librarian, IST (Tanzania)